5 Hacks for a quick Casual Makeup

5 Hacks for a quick Casual Makeup

Januar 02, 2021

Everyone wants to look beautiful. The following Article is meant to help you to achieve beauty with these 5 Hacks for a quick Casual Makeup.

Every day something new or "new rules" are being added to the world of make-up. It is good to take the help of make-up to give yourself a touch of extra beauty. But it should be conventional.

Is it necessary to use expensive makeup products to make good makeup? No, absolutely not. All you need to know is how to do makeup and what are the basic hacks of makeup. Makeup is a hobby for many people but it is just a matter of our daily needs now.

Hack No #1 => Natural Look

Once upon a time, heavy makeup was considered the norm. But things have changed. Nude makeup is quite popular in the world of makeup.  Now no-makeup look or natural look is being considered trendy.

To get a natural look, follow these steps:

  • Nude makeup is always natural to see. So the base would be natural and blended. Apply primer to your entire face perfectly. It will create a base for your overall makeup.
  • Before using the foundation, apply 1 shade of dark concealer on the stain and blend. By doing this, you will get a perfect nude base at the end of the makeup.
    multicolor foundation cream boutique lassion
  • After the base makeup, take the makeup setting spray on a makeup sponge and dab the whole face with the sponge. This will give a blending and natural effect.
  • Once you are done with primer, you can embed the Professional Liquid Foundation. To find the perfect concealer, you first need to know your own undertone. If you are a beginner in this field, If the color of your veins is green, then your undertone is warm. If the color of your veins is either blue or purple, then you have a cool undertone. And if you don’t understand the color of your veins correctly, you’re a neutral undertone.
High Definition Foundation Boutique Lassion
  • After applying the foundation comes the work of eye makeup. Apply a little primer on your eyelids with Women's Fashion Brushes before applying eye makeup.
  • When using nude blush from blush palette makeup for your cheeks, choose a color that is close to your skin tone. Choose a blush with a hint of pink or peach color.
  •  Then apply nude eyeshadow. Use eyeliner to make eye makeup more perfect.
  • Complete the makeup with a nude or matte lipstick. And you got a no makeup natural look.

Hack No #2: Smokey Eye Makeup

Who has not heard of Smoky Eye? Those who don't know much about makeup will also hear the name Smokey Eye Makeup.

It has become a trend for so long. Smoky eyes can be done day and night. It also suits the party quite well. However, the condition of the smokey eye makeup is blending. The more you blend the eyeshadow, the more beautiful your eye look will be.

 To get a Smokey Eye look, follow these steps:

  • Apply primer and concealer in the same way as before. Take some time to adjust it on your face.
  • Once the concealer is adjusted, apply the natural powder foundation with soft makeup puff.
  • Prepare the eyelids. Apply a dark eyeshadow base on the bottom of the eyelids or maybe a darker kajal or gel eyeliner.
Smockey Eye Kook Boutique Lassion

  • Blend it with a professional makeup brush by applying dark color as per your choice. On the dark side of the color where the line has been completed, there is a color from the lights, and set the Blend.
  • You can also apply shimmery color or glitter eyeshadow on the eyelids. Then apply eyeliner, mascara, and eyelashes.
  • Don’t forget to use Cheek Blush Powder to get the final touch.
Apply Best Waterproof Matte lipstick to make makeup more gorgeous. And you are ready to rule the world with your beauty.

Hack No # 3: Modern Glossy Lids And Lips

 Glossy eyelids and lips have become a trend since the advent of wind liners. In fact, you don't even need a make-up artist to do this make-up. It's surely an easy way to get a party look.

 To get a Glossy Lids And Lips look, follow these steps:

  •  To get a glossy look, apply eye primer on your lids with a puff makeup sponge.
  • Take the color as you wish and embed it in your lids with makeup brushes.
Makeup Brushes Boutique Lassion
  • And now open the lid of your lip gloss and apply some gloss over the eyes. It sounds crazy but actually, it works.
  • You can also apply professional blushers or a little lip gloss to the pout area and lips. Here you are ready for the office or a meeting.
Professional Blushers Boutique Lassion

Hack No # 4: Matte lip love

We are never satisfied with a shade of lipstick. Women who do not have a weakness for lipstick are rarely seen. We are always worried about which shade will suit us. Here are some hacks on a lip shade color.

To get a Matte Lips look, follow these steps:

  • Choose your lip color shade according to your skin type.
  • Apply Makeup lipsticks to get a better shade.
  •  The liquid lipstick does not sit properly due to dead skin on the lips, so be sure to scrub the lip.


Lipstick Boutique Lassion
  • Before applying lipstick, apply base makeup on the skin as a lip primer and face foundation on the lips as well, so that the color will shine well.
  •  You can use lip balm or lip gel to keep the lips moisturized.

Hack No # 5: Perfectly Contoured Eyes

We love to decorate the eyes, whether at the ceremony or in the office. One can use any color, but it has to be according to her eye type.



Perdect Eye Contour Boutique Lassion

To get a Perfectly Contoured Eye look, follow these steps:

●     Round eye women should apply dark shades in the center of the eye and use light shades in the corners.
●     Small eye women should apply lighter shadows to make their eyes appear bigger.
●     Women with hooded eyes should apply shimmering shadows smudged across lids.
●     Downturned eyes women should apply lighter shadows to the two-thirds of their eyelids.
●     Almond eyes women should apply matte brown eyeshadow to their lids.

Do not forget to apply mascara and eyeliner to get the complete result.

You can carry your much-needed makeup kit with you at any time using the makeup storage bag.

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